Tuesday, December 1, 2009

21st Century Literacies by Cathy N. Davidson, reblogged from www.hastac.org

I've spent the morning rereading some of Howard Rheingold's ideas on 21st century literacies, the skills required to navigate the digital age. Attention, participation, collaboration, network awareness, and critical consumption of information are the key skills he discusses. Where do we teach those skills? How do we learn them? For starters, we learn them from reading Rheingold. I highly recommend his blogs for the San Francisco Chronicle Check out Twitter Literacies http://tiny.cc/vvD8s and Attention Literacies http://tiny.cc/MHBfS

Besides being the author of the classic Smart Mobs, Howard was a winner of our 2008 Digital Media and Learning Competition. He's a master at participatory learning and he built a Social Media Classroom for his project. You can check that out here:

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  1. Here are url's for four of Howard's blogs on 21st Century Literacies:

    Crap Detection 101: http://tiny.cc/uxmLI

    Mindful Infotention: http://tiny.cc/tuGBn

    Attention Literacies http://tiny.cc/MHBfS

    Twitter Literacies http://tiny.cc/vvD8s