Tuesday, November 24, 2009

You have lots of questions and we'll have lots of answers!

We are thrilled that yesterday's announcement has generated so much excitement and that word is traveling fast through the blogosphere (you can keep track of our coverage by monitoring our Delicious account).

We know that many of you have questions. Here at headquarters we are putting the final touches on this year's shiny new (and President Obama endorsed!) Competition.  Details and more information will be forthcoming December 14th, including information about when the Competition will actually open, the application structure, materials, deadlines, FAQs, etc.

Stay tuned to this blog, follow us on Twitter, or join the Competition list-serv for all the latest details!


  1. Can people from other countries help? I am frmo Brazil.

  2. Yes, this year's Competition is accepting applications from outside of the United States. Please note that individuals applying from outside the United States must apply as part of an organization or institution.

    Thanks for your interest!