Friday, January 15, 2010

The application system for the 2010 HASTAC/MacArthur Foundation Digital Media and Learning Competition is now open

The online application system for the 2010 HASTAC/MacArthur Foundation Digital Media and Learning Competition is now open. To apply, visit You have until January 22, 2010 to submit your preliminary application.

To make sure that your application process runs smoothly, please keep the following in mind:

Your application will be made visible to the public for commenting on January 22. At that time, the application system will stop accepting new applications and be open for comment.

Prior to submitting your application, you will be given an opportunity to review it. However, once you hit "FINISH" on the application, you will NOT be allowed to revise or edit your application until the resubmission period opens on February 3rd.

The resubmission period of February 3rd-15th is to allow applicants to revise and strengthen their applications by tweaking, editing, broadening, etc., the initial application to incorporate any useful feedback or ideas offered by the public. The structure of the application form will not change.

It is not necessary for you to revise your application based on the feedback you receive, however, all applications MUST be resubmitted (even those that have not been edited or changed in any way) between February 3rd and 15th.

Please remember that you may only be the primary applicant on ONE application, although you may be listed as a collaborator on other applications. Applicants may be disqualified if they are discovered to have submitted multiple applications by using different email addresses or by using other (real or fictitious) identities to apply.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email While we can't give you feedback or advice on your application, we are happy to answer any specific questions.



  1. Hi,

    Will you be asking for a detailed application at a later point or will this contest be decided mainly on what we state in 300 words?



  2. Hi, Charles,

    Thanks for your interest in the Digital Media and Learning Competition!

    The first round of the Competition requires information about the primary applicant and collaborators (if applicable), a title, 50 word brief description and a longer 300 word description of your project.

    Please note that the structure of this year's Competition includes a period (January 22-February 22) during which applications are posted publicly for public comment. This will be a good opportunity for you to leverage the wisdom of the crowds and strengthen your application based on public feedback, as well as find other collaborators for your project. Similarly, you will be able to view other people's applications and may find one that you would like to collaborate on.

    After the final submission of all preliminary applications on February 15th, a panel of expert judges will be reviewing all applications and selecting those that best meet the criteria of the Competition. These applicants will be invited to round two of the Competition.

    During the second round, applicants will create a three minute video of any style, including a verbal pitch, story narrative, dramatic rendering, or machinima-style demo, etc. that will "pitch" their project and provides more in-depth information. Applicants will also be required to submit a budget and budget narrative as part of Round Two.

    I hope this clarifies.